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 YA THINK? ---Should Johnny Depp play Harrison Court-006

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PostSubject: YA THINK? ---Should Johnny Depp play Harrison Court-006   Thu Jan 28, 2010 6:37 am

ABLE DANGER the novel-to-film Project

YA THINK? ---Should Johnny Depp play Harrison Court-006 in Kensington Roth"s Explosive Bond-like Spy-Thriller "ABLE DANGER?"

The project is in development for production. The sexy Spy-Girls "MISSONG" (played by Linda Wang) and "VOLACE" (played by Majorie Andrade) start shooting their first scenes in China this spring.

The Able Danger movie trailer is soon to be launched on the site and via YouTube.

For more details, interviews, synopsis, and book order page VISIT:

Kensington Roth-Spyman
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YA THINK? ---Should Johnny Depp play Harrison Court-006
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